Combining the power of advanced photogrammetry and the speed of UAV (drone) aerial surveys to deliver high-quality geospatial data at low cost and with a fast turnaround

Are you looking for...

  • Cost-effective high-quality topographical land surveys
  • 3D digital surface models
  • Georeferenced RGB point clouds
  • Controlled orthophotomosaics and Google Earth overlays
  • Geotagged high-resolution aerial photographs
  • Digital contour maps
  • Safe and accurate aerial surveys of contaminated land, unstable slopes, landslides, or quarries
  • Zero-impact aerial surveys of sensitive sites

What if...

  • You could complete your surveys faster (up to 250 ha per day)?
  • You could reduce your survey project costs?
  • You could accurately measure and map sites from the air?
  • You could easily survey unsafe or impossible-to-reach sites?
  • You could add value to your specialist advice and client reports?

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We are a specialist aerial photography company providing value-added services for surveying and site assessment through an innovative use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or 'drones').

Using our fleet of specialist UAVs and sophisticated photogrammetry software, we are able to deliver highly accurate topographic surveys, digital surface models, digital contour maps, and orthophotos at low cost and with a fast turnaround. We can help you meet your survey deadlines and cost constraints through the use of time-saving and cost-effective UAV technology and software. We can offer significant time- and cost-saving advantages over either traditional ground-based surveys or aerial surveys using conventional aircraft.

Contour-shaded digital surface map in Google Earth
A contour-shaded digital surface map superimposed onto Google Earth - small part of a large agricultural survey

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Blades Aerial Survey
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