We can survey a large area quickly, offering major cost and time savings. Using our UAV to acquire the survey imagery, there is no site disturbance or damage to sensitive environments.

Our accurate and detailed land surveys can highlight previously unnoticed features and where long-lost structures may have once stood. Our surveys can also be used to record historic sites, and to produce an accurate and detailed plan. We are also skilled in using our UAVs to capture spherical aerial photography, an emerging field in 360° imaging, in enabling the creation of virtual tours of historical sites.

We attended the Digital Past - 2017 conference in Newport, Gwent on 15th-16th February. This conference was organised by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales and explored through presentations and workshops the range of digital technologies and tools becoming available to record and interpret our historic environment and heritage. Throughout this conference there was a strong emphasis being placed on how UAVs can provide affordable and speedy access to brand new viewpoints of a historical site or building, and how visitors to a site are looking for, and indeed expecting, an engaging, immersive and 3D virtual 'high-tech' experience to bring the site to life.