We recently helped a homeowner in Shropshire to check the condition of the flashing on the roof of his property - an 18th-century windmill which he has lovingly rebuilt over the course of many years from a ruin. The roof was originally built as a complete unit on the ground, tiled with hand-made shingles, and then lifted into place by crane. The owner was worried that damage might have occurred during the lifting operation. The windmill is four stories high, the pitch of the roof is steep, and access to most of the flashing is impossible. His options seemed to be to hire a cherry picker, or go to the expense of erecting scaffolding all around the building in order to ensure that the roof was sound and weatherproof.

We were able to help by flying one of our UAVs over the windmill to give a good clear view of the entire roof structure. The complete operation took around an hour, and happily it turned out that the flashing was intact and showed no signs of damage, which was a great relief to the owner.