We can survey a large area quickly, offering major cost and time savings.

We use our UAVs and specialised photogrammetry software to produce georeferenced Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and photomosaics. Our DSMs are scaled and referenced to a selected coordinate system using surveyed Ground Control Points. You can import our DSMs into your GIS software to create highly detailed map overlays or to extract vectorised geographic survey maps. Our ortho-rectified aerial maps are far more detailed than those obtained from satellite or traditional aerial photography, and completely up-to-date.

We can generate:

  • 3D digital surface models and contour maps of the site
  • RGB point clouds in XYZ, LAS or LAZ formats
  • Orthomosaic maps of the area in GeoTIFF and Google Earth KML formats
  • Individually geotagged high-resolution photographs of the site
  • Raster DSMs, which can be automatically contoured (SHP, PDF or DXF formats)
  • 3D textured mesh files
  • Radiometric reflectance maps

For each survey, we provide a comprehensive accuracy report.

Case Study: Agricultural Field Survey