We can help document and monitor progress on construction sites using aerial photography and video. Regular repeat visits to a site can help to document progress for reporting to senior management and/or client reporting, as well as providing valuable publicity materials. Regular UAV flights help contractors capture progress across an entire site, while project teams can have a complete visual history of the latest construction progress, making it easier to track work and forecast completion dates.

As an additional service, we can carry out a complete aerial photogrammetric survey to generate precise elevation data, contour lines, and 3D modelling, which can be exported to GIS or modelling systems such as AutoCad. Construction assets including materials, equipment, aggregates, site roads and temporary structures can be easily identified and labelled in high-definition maps or orthophotos. Stockpile and excavation volumes can be automatically calculated, allowing site teams to quickly allocate space for new assets or spoil heaps.

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Case study - construction of a water storage facility

Since December 2016 we have been documenting the construction of a new water storage facility in Worcestershire by contractors JN Bentley. Visiting the site each month, we have captured oblique photographs of this small but complex site, showing not only details of the work progressing on the site, but also showing the site in its rural context, which has been popular with the commissioning client. We have also recorded several hours of video of the project, and here the impact of the our unusual aerial viewpoint is particularly impressive as we are able to record large-scale work in progress.

In addition to monitoring progress at the site, our fascinating aerial viewpoint also provides great marketing materials for JN Bentley to demonstrate the scale of the projects they can tackle, as well as their competence and skill in planning and executing a complex construction project.
JN Bentley and their client have been delighted with our aerial photography and video service, and our photographs have found their way into their monthly bulletins.

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