With their small size, agility and speed, UAVs are perfectly suited to the task of inspecting any structure that is difficult or unsafe for a human inspector to access. Bridges, listed or damaged buildings, wind turbines and solar installations are all easily inspected using a UAV.

We can assist you with structural assessments on buildings where access at height is difficult - such as complex roof and chimney layouts where access is either difficult, dangerous, or expensive to arrange. Using one of our smaller UAVs we can position a camera in any difficult elevated space, at the same time giving you a real-time view from the ground so that you can guide us to the exact area or features you need to see. And of course once in position we can take high-definition images or video of the areas or features of interest.

In busy built-up areas it is sometimes not safe to fly a UAV if the property is close to a busy road; in this case we would use our 12-metre telescopic mast fitted with a high-resolution remotely-controlled camera. As with our UAV, we give you a real-time view of what the camera sees.

Either our UAV or our telescopic mast can save you the time and expense of using a cherry-picker or scaffolding. Once on site, we normally have all the photography you need within an hour.

Where the site is too restricted to fly our UAV we can survey the undersides of structures such as bridges or jetties using our remotely-controlled GPS-enabled camera fitted to a telescopic pole.

Do you need help with examining a difficult or unsafe structure at height? Talk to us today to find out how our aerial photography services can solve your problem!